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Minuteman Kettle Corn was started in May of 2015 as a Food Truck serving local events spring to fall.  As the popularity of our delicious Live Popped Classic Kettle Corn grew, we realized that we could make the product more readily available year-round to our growing fan base.   We began to place it, as well as our other popular popcorn products (over 60 flavors currently), in local stores.  Now in over 55 locations and growing, we still love going back to our roots and live popping at fairs and festivals for our fantastic customers! Seeing families share a bag of our fresh and delicious Classic Kettle Corn is what puts a big smile on our faces and in our hearts!

Kettle corn 003.JPG

Minuteman Kettle Corn is based in the “Heart of the Commonwealth” Worcester, Massachusetts.  Our amazingly delicious, freshly made, kettle corn is made with premium ingredients in small batches, a new batch every few minutes, for the freshest possible treat.  This is that wonderful smelling, sweet, crunchy and lightly salty flavor you savor! Fun you can taste with every mouthwatering bite! Even so, our kettle corn is made with Gluten Free, Soy Free, Nut Free, Dairy Free ingredients.  It is Vegan and we use Non-GMO Corn Kernels.

Maybe it’s a myth that the Indians taught the pilgrims to Pop Corn, and that Colonial housewives served popcorn for breakfast, but popped corn in many forms has been a part of the American Culture for many decades. Kettle corn, a more recent variation, according to Wikipedia, is written about in the diaries of settlers as early as 1776!  Really…Minutemen and their families ate kettle corn…and so should you!!!


We learned our craft from the best Kettle Corn Poppers in Topeka, Kansas and have expanded our offerings to include flavors such as Classic Caramel, Double Cheddah',  White Cheddah', Caramel Chocolate Drizzle, and Over the Rainbow to name just a few. We, duplicate old-world small batch production with our updated tools and replicate our forefathers lip smacking results!!! Try some, and taste history!

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